FluoroProducts and PFAS for Europe (FPP4EU) Sector Group

Cefic has formed a new Sector Group, Fluorinated Products and PFAS for Europe (FPP4EU), whose goals are to connect with authorities, NGOs, academics, and the supply chain to work on the challenges ahead. It hopes to understand how:

  • PFAS will be defined,
  • REACH can efficiently regulate PFAS as a group,
  • authorities intend to identify which PFAS are essential for society,
  • PFAS grouping can be done on a scientific, realistic, and enforceable basis,
  • the latest science is employed to ultimately shape PFAS restrictions,
  • responsible manufacturing processes and innovation can play a role

 In July 2021,  the group shared the attached communication with key stakeholders to express their willingness to work with Europe to address PFAS. 

For more information, contact fpp4eu [AT] cefic.be

For media contacts, contact Ellen Mulder at emu [AT] cefic.be

Member companies include: